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The price for a written translation is determined based on one translation unit consisting of 1800 characters with spaces (approximately 1 page of text with normal spacing).

Court certified translations – we apply the Tariff of Remuneration for the Work of Certified court translators, which is an integral part of the Regulation on Certified Court translators.

To every inquiry via online order, email or message, we respond immediately with the specific service price. It is our responsibility to ensure that the price of the translation is optimal and realistic.

Delivery of the translation to your address

Delivery of translation by express mail 7.00 KM. Free shipping for orders above 100.00 KM.

Payment on delivery, that is, upon delivery to the address of the recipient. No need to search for certified court translators, no payment in advance; the fastest delivery of a court certified translation. All within 24 hours!


Consecutive – price on demand.
Simultaneous – price on demand.


Price on demand.