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We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for a large number of foreign languages.

We perform consecutive interpretation for our long-term clients on a regular basis, and we are safe to say that it has become our specialty.

Our consecutive interpretation team works diligently and keeps improving in various fields. When placing your order, it is important to announce the topic or area of translation, so that our interpreters can prepare well.

We offer simultaneous interpretation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as abroad. Our professional team of simultaneous interpreters for many foreign languages will, in addition to interpreting, also help with the organization of the interpretation location; all with the aim of having satisfied clients.

For the needs of certain conferences or similar events, we are ready to offer a professional team of simultaneous interpreters for English, German, French and other foreign languages.

Our experience and the quality of our work are guarantee that we will provide professional and high-standard consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services.

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If needed, we are also able to offer conference interpreting equipment.

Our company is able to provide a full set of technical equipment needed for all types of conferences. In particular we specialize in conference (simultaneous) interpretation, which includes:

  • booths
  • stands
  • microphones (portable and fixed)
  • headsets
  • sound system (loudspeaker)
  • simultaneous interpreters

Very often we organize everything necessary for conference (simultaneous) interpretation for our partners from abroad.

We will solve all your requirements professionally, affordably and with high quality!

If you have any questions, please check if we have already answered them by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.  

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