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Do you complete the translation or the delivery of the translation within 24 hours?

Within 24 hours of order confirmation, Prevedi24 completes the translation and the document is delivered to your address in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Can we order a translation from abroad?

Yes, you can order a translation from abroad. If you need a certified translation, we will deliver it by registered mail (shipping 5-7 days) or by DHL (shipping 2 days) to your address abroad.

I need a written translation without the certification of a court translator. How can I do this?

Send us your documentation by email, and we will respond with an offer. Upon completion of the translation, we send it to you by email and you make the payment to our bank account, or via PayPal or Western Union.

Where are you, how can we reach you and bring documents for translation?

Prevedi24 is all over BiH. You don’t need to walk or travel anywhere; we will come to you with the certified translation of your documentation. Send your documents for translation online or through one of our communication channels.

Do you offer your 24h deadline for the delivery of certified translations for all cities in BiH?

Yes, no matter where you are, Prevedi24 will deliver your certified translation to your address within 24 hours.

Which languages do you translate and which certified court translators do you have?

Prevedi24 translates 40 foreign languages and we offer translations from all certified court translators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Do I have to give the documents to you in person or send them by mail?

If you need to translate a paper document, scan it and send it as image or PDF file through one of our communication channels.

I am not able to scan my documents. How can I bring them to you?

You can bring your documents directly to our offices or to one of our agents (list of agents with addresses) in all cities of BiH or send it by mail to our address.

How does Prevedi24 send me my documents?

Prevedi24 delivers certified translations within 24 hours to your address. If you do not need a certified translation, we will send the documents to your email address.

Do you translate legal documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates, wills, appeals, decisions, judgments, medical findings, divorce papers, etc.

Prevedi24 translates all types of documents regardless of the subject, and can have all translations certified by certified court translators.

How do I know how much my translation will cost?

As soon as you submit a translation request, you will receive our response with the price of the service. We will not start the translation until you have confirmed the price.

Do you offer interpreting and editing services?

Prevedi24 offers interpretation services (consecutive and simultaneous), as well as editing of documents in the official languages of BIH (Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian).