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Quality Guarantee ISO 17100

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The ISO 17100:2015 certificate confirms the professional qualifications of translators, language editors, translation project managers, the appropriate technical resources, quality and translation process management, from order to delivery of a translation in the company Prevedi24 d.o.o.

  • qualified translators with many years of experience
  • multiple translation checks
  • terminology management
  • management of the graphic design of translations
  • management of translation receipt and delivery formats
  • confidentiality and protection of exchanged information

We have confirmed our constant concern for the quality of services provided to our clients by meeting all the requirements of the ISO standard for quality management of translation services, verified by the international certificate EN ISO 17100: 2015 Translation Services – Requirements for translation services.

As the parameters of the ISO 17100 standard are set with the aim of providing clients with superior translations, translation service providers are required to consistently meet the strict requirements of the standard in order to obtain the certificate.

What the ISO 17100 standard guarantees to customers?

  1. Clients can be confident in the quality of service provided by a large number of qualified professionals, which leaves minimal possibility for errors to occur.
  2. Accurate translation as a result of strict guidelines.
  3. Confidentiality as a result of a mandatory data protection requirement.

The certification for the EN ISO 17100 standard, in addition to guaranteeing accurate translations, is also an indication of strong work ethic and the commitment of translation agencies to their clients. By choosing a company that is ISO 17100 certified, the client is choosing a team that has proven its commitment to high quality work.

The client receives services of the highest quality and the best translation!

Certificate ISO 17100:2015 – PDF file…